BCMSpro is a revolutionary case management software tool, developed
specifically for the disability management industry.

BCMSpro is a revolutionary case management software tool, developed specifically for the disability management industry. BCMSpro drives the right behaviours at the right time for optimal effectiveness and improved outcomes. Role based, secure, bi-lingual, customizable... a tool that removes complexity from the day to day work. As a web-based application, BCMSpro is easily and securely accessed through authorized remote desktop applications.


  • Advanced analytics for immediate insight into critical KPI’s.
  • Customizable templates with auto populating features reduce errors and improve efficiency
  • System generated tasks reinforce and drive best practices, supporting superior quality
  • Control/governance practices
  • Countless filtering options and real time reporting highlight opportunities save time and optimize outcomes
  • Single repository of current and archived work for quick access
  • Flex properties feature supports ability to add new services and data points to meet continuously changing business needs
  • Web-based environment eliminates need for inefficient and expensive paper-based operations
  • Seamless integration with other platforms (including financial and HR software)
  • Innovative design allows flexibility beyond any other product in the market.

Intake & Assignment

Securely stores all required data including case specifics, special handling guidelines, case documents and more

Supports auto assignment based on pre-determined hierarchical decision tree Duration tracking enables close monitoring of critical processing turnaround times.

Time Tracking & Billing

Customizable activity codes and billing nomenclature.
Case level calculator tracks expenditures at the level of the file and Case Manager. Time tracking of revenue/expense data exportable to multiple accounting systems


Outgoing email capability Customer specific reporting exportable by email, fax, paper or secure web access.

Outcomes Reporting & QC Tracking

Customizable user level dashboards
Auto generation of standard outcome reporting (resolution rates, resolution types, durations, expenditures). Customized reporting to meet every customer’s needs

Work Flow Management & Quality Control

User created Task Management System supports best practices
Eligibility Screen enables assessment of critical data
Case Management Notes outline critical case updates and action plans
Extensive QC management opportunities
Customer specific templates can auto-populate to save time and reduce errors
Role specific dashboards that drive performance & optimize outcomes.