Banyan has developed an easy-to-use absence/incident tracking and reporting on-line tool to assist employers.

This absence tracking and reporting tool uses state-of-the-art techniques to track and report all workplace absences and incidents that directly impact your bottom line.

Via a web portal set up on your intranet, you have the capability to allow a one stop shop to effectively and efficiently manage report and track all absences. The portal is developed including both user level access and roles based on permissions (i.e. Human Resources Representative, Supervisor, Senior Manager and/or Delegate)

Atworkpro has been built to meet the majority of employer’s needs across Canada. It is also flexible enough to allow for customization for employers who have specific reporting and tracking needs related to their industry. Our goal is to leverage the enormous wealth of absence data we collect to provide our clients with ‘big picture’ insights into absence management programs, absence costs and trending analysis which show how our clients can improve results to meet their business needs.

Significant features of this portal are:

  • Online tracking of all periods of absence both occupational and non-occupational
  • Supports legislative requirements across Provinces
  • Auto populates provincial Workers Compensation Board Forms
  • Auto feed in Short Term Disability claim processing
  • Ability to track other relevant industry related incidents e.g. food poisoning
  • Ability to produce standard and customized reports
  • Library on absence management
  • Fully bilingual

Seamless Transition

Banyan atworkpro will help you manage absence effectively, as well as providing a seamless transition into Short Term Disability, or a Workers Compensation claim.

Resources Management

Atworkpro integrates fully with other Banyan IT Solutions products to provide a complete environment for cases of absence from the brief and simple to the long and complex, helping you to better manage your resources.