Auditpro is a unique tool to assist in the process of auditing claim process effectiveness.

Banyan auditpro has been developed specifically for the disability management industry, but can be applied to many insurance product lines where claim audits are performed.

Whether you are a re-insurer, an insurer or a company running a self-insured scheme, auditpro can help you manage the quality of your own work and that of others who are providing you with services.

Auditpro allows you to automatically load a population of sample claims to be audited. You can apply weightings to different factors in the claims process that you wish to measure. Then you can automatically produce your analysis. This is an advanced tool which has been designed to save you time and effort.

If you are still using spreadsheet to run your audits, you should look at auditpro. Role based, secure, bi-lingual, customizable, with instantly available analytics... this is a tool will save you hours. As a web-based application, BCMSpro is easily and securely accessed through authorized remote desktop applications.


  • Comprehensive functionality to support claims auditing
  • Auto load of sample claims
  • Weighting of different elements of the claim process
  • Can customize to meet the needs of every type of audit, from insurance risk audits to qualitative review audits
  • Duplication feature enables quick & easy modifications of existing templates
  • Reporting feature provides instantaneous results
  • Fully bilingual
  • User friendly platform

comprehensive analysis

Banyan auditpro will help you measure and improve the quality of claim processes. Auditpro will save you time and provide accurate and comprehensive analysis for all your claims audit needs.

Data Integration

Auditpro will integrate with claims management systems and accumulate history of audit results for benchmarking, and analysis of trends between audits.