Questionnairepro is a tool designed to enable you to build an electronic questionnaire.

This allows you to structure an interview with a sick or injured worker and capture extra information that can be used to help them return to work. Questionnaires can be built to ask a series of questions using easy-to-use data entry screens, with the answers stored down in a database. The tool uses ‘reflexive questioning’ techniques to ensure that the minimum number of questions are asked, branching automatically to the relevant questions as the interview progresses.

Banyan has extensive experience in using the data collected during these interviews to help predict return to work and assist in application of the right resources. Banyan can work with you to design a set of questionnaires which will help you shorten claim durations.

Questionnarepro asks the right question at the right time for optimal effectiveness and improved outcomes. Role based, secure, bi-lingual, customizable... a tool that puts you in control. As a web-based application, questionnairepro is easily and securely accessed through authorized remote desktop applications.


  • Electronic data capture of drill down questionnaires
  • Enables the capture of vital extra data to support the claims process, non-med, psycho-social etc.
  • Can be configured to support any question sequence
  • Intelligent branching to ask the right questions
  • Supports choice of relational databases
  • Can be configured by business expert, no programming required
  • Feeds into analysis engine for better prediction of claim outcome

future analysis

Banyan questionnairepro will enable you to build your own questionnaires and to capture extra information electronically for future analysis. Questionnairepro can be used on its own, and with other Banyan technology solutions.

Banyan Expertise

Using advanced behavioral techniques, Banyan has extensive experience in the building these questionnaires and can help you design questions optimize your results.